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ZiFiSense is a "chip-to-cloud" LPWA (Low Power WIde Area) technology provider while operating its own cross-country network dedicated for tracking of goods in transit. Based on its proprietary ZETA AM-FSK ultra-narrowband radio technology, the company strives to promote the vision of “LPWAN 2.0” that shall see LPWAN connectivity reaching a ubiquitous mass of “things” beyond billions. The ZETA Alliance, an ecosystem of IoT chip, hardware and solutions providers that have adopted the technology, has attracted more than 300 members globally across 20+ industries.



    • 1/2022

      Won the Excellence Award and the Winner Award of the National Subversive Technology Innovation Competition of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

    • 2/2022

      Obtained hundreds of millions of yuan investment of B+ round led by LENOVO CAPITAL and VLIGHT CAPITAL

    • 1/2021

      Joint SENSING LABS in France, enter the European market.

    • 2/2021

      Reached an in-depth cooperation with SCG-NEXTER LIVING, accelerate the promotion of ecological distribution in Southeast Asia.

    • 3/2021

      Entered the automobile supply chain logistics, reached strategic cooperation with Jianghua Automobile Cooperation and Great Wall Motor.

      Reached an in-depth cooperation with SCG-REPCO, accelerate the development of ZETA industrial IoT in Southeast Asia.

    • 4/2021

      Released ZETA Technical White Paper

    • 5/2021

      Cooperate with Dayou Semiconductor authorized IP, released in public the ZETag Chip

      Sodexo(Global 500) signed agreement of digital intelligence cooperation based on ZETA with SCG

      Release ZETA/LoRa double module mote

    • 6/2021

      Selected in “Enterprise Services Quasi-Unicorn-Development and Technology TOP20” of PENCIL NEVER LIES

    • 7/2021

      Joint QuickLogic release ZETA-TinyML develop kit

      Won the “2021 LOG Low Carbon Supply Chain Logistics Innovation Enterprise”

    • 8/2021

      Joint SINOMA BONYEAR, ZETA Industrial ubiquitous IoT will land on SOUTH CEMENT

    • 9/2021

      Veolia Changyang Thermal Energy build the ubiquitous IoT infrastructure of thermal power plant with ZETA

    • 10/2021

      ZETag LTL full process tracking solution unveiled at “Bosch Logistics Day”

      Won “OFweek Cup·OFweek 2021 IoT Industrial Most Growth Enterprise Award”

    • 11/2021

      Joint STMicroelectronics release “ZETA Over LoRa” network protocol stack and supporting PaaS

      Won both Innovation Product Award and Innovation Application Award on “2021 World Sensor Congress”

    • 12/2021

      Make the “2021 AIoT New Dimension Award·Enterprise Innovation List” of AIoT Industry Research Insititute

    • 2/2020

      The China-Japan Alliance donated IoT medical supplies such as Viewphii-US handheld ultrasonic to first-line hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei province, and Haining, Zhejiang Province, to help China Tower quickly deploy the ZETA electronic seal prevention and control system to meet the challenge of COVID-19 in the community, which was reported by many media reports such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Eastday, and Shanghai Television.

    • 3/2020

      Completed B++ financing invested by Great Filter Venture and other institutions, and the financing scale reached 100 million yuan within half a year

      Jointly with the ZETA Alliance, the "ZETA AIoT Kit Store" was launched to create a menu-based combination solution that connects massive IoT terminals

    • 4/2019

      The China Alliance was established in Shanghai, laying a place for Chinese technology in the field of IoT LPWAN

    • 6/2019

      Assist JLL to launch the building "Intelligent Control Center" solution with ZETA technology as the core, with the goal of promoting the intelligent management of more than 1,000 high-end buildings in China.

    • 7/2019

      Formally signed a strategic cooperation with China Post and China Tower, Guilin became the first city with full coverage of ZETA network

    • 8/2019

      Together with JD Logistics Cloud Box, we adopted cloud electronic tag ZETag technology to launch a digital IoT management solution for logistics containers

    • 9/2019

      Invited by Hongkou District Government, settled in Shanghai 5G Global Innovation Harbor-- "Shanghai 5G Comprehensive Application Pilot Demonstration Zone"

    • 11/2019

      Completed the 80 million B1 round of financing led by Huihe Capital and Vinno Capital, and the old shareholder Yunyu Investment followed.

    • 12/2019

      With patented technology paper battery ZETag, together with China Tower Guangxi Branch, it provides valuable parcel and letter tracking services for postal logistics express delivery in Guangxi Province, with an annual consumption of more than one million pieces.

      Signed a ZETA AIoT strategic cooperation agreement with SCG Group of Thailand and TOPPAN Group of Japan to jointly launch ZETA AIoT artificial intelligence sensing terminal products

    • 3/2018

      Obtained the A+ round of investment from the Cash Capital of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    • 4/2018

      In the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's "Belt and Road Cities Conference" theme day, as the only Internet of Things project, it was shortlisted in the Top 5

    • 5/2018

      Received a visit from the leaders of the Central Propaganda Department. Winning the FIRST PRIZE OF THE CHTA Disruptive Innovation Award from more than 300 contact companies around the world

    • 6/2018

      Join the Belt and Road Industry Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to provide ZETA products and services for countries along the "Belt and Road"

      Signed a letter of intent for nationwide cooperation with China Tower to jointly expand new business of IoT.

      The ZETA Japan Alliance was established and received more than a dozen mainstream Japanese media reports including Nikkei Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun

    • 9/2018

      Signed a ZETA technology licensing agreement with Japan's Toppan Group, which is the first for the export of China's underlying technology LPWA standard

    • 10/2018

      Rated as a high-tech enterprise, officially released the cloud electronic tag ZETag product at the ZETA Alliance Conference held in Tokyo, Japan

    • 3/2017

      Obtained the A round of investment from Fortune Capital

    • 10/2017

      Won the champion of the Cambridge Wireless Innovation Competition in London, UK

    • 11/2017

      Invited by the Department of International Trade of UK and British Telecommunications Company to participate in the Silicon Valley TC3 Summit

    • 12/2017

      Joined with China Tower to successfully help SOHO Shanghai build a smart building project

    • 6/2016

      Enter Silicon Valley incubator Plug & Play

    • 3/2015

      Established Shanghai Commercial Headquarters and officially started the commercialization of ZETA technology.

    • 7/2013

      ZiFiSense R&D Center has officially landed in Xiamen. The team members came from Imperial College London, Huawei, ZTE, Alibaba, and Tencent.


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